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MGA Election Note

27 June, 2016

MGA urges you to think carefully when you vote on July 2 as the decision Australia makes will have far-reaching consequences that will impact smaller private or family owned businesses for 20 years or more.

Since the 2013 election, a lot’s been achieved to help make small businesses easier to run and more prosperous, including:
  • Appointment of the first ever Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman
  • Repeal of the Carbon tax - reducing electricity and refrigerant gas costs – saving MGA members $70m
  • Continuing cuts to unnecessary compliance costs and red tape, already saving small and medium businesses $4.5 billion per year
  • Stronger protections for small businesses against unfair contract terms
  • A new franchise code provides transparency and fairness for both franchisees and franchisors
  • A $1.1 billion package of incentives will help innovative businesses of the future get off the ground.

Going into this week’s election, there’s a lot at stake. MGA supports two very important Coalition initiatives that our industry sector has fought hard for many years to achieve.
  1. Strengthening competition laws by enacting an “Effects test” that will prevent big companies (like Coles, Woolworths or Telstra) from unfairly utilising market dominance to damage or destroy smaller competitors.
  • This is a vital policy in MGA’s aim to create a level playing field so our members can compete fairly with big business. Without it, there is little to stop big businesses becoming bigger and smaller businesses becoming fewer.
  1. Extending benefits currently available for businesses with turnover under $2m to businesses with turnover up to $10m - 870,000 businesses employing around five million Australians will benefit from this:
  • Tax rates cut from 28.5% to 27.5%
  • Simpler BAS and PAYG payment methods
  • Instant write-offs of many expenses, especially when setting up a new business
MGA supports a government that will value the contributions of smaller private or family owned businesses’ to the Australian economy and will look for ways to help them.  Again, please think carefully when you vote in next Saturday’s election.