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At last the long awaited changes to competition laws have passed through the Lower House. Laws that have proven to be a barrier to the protection and growth of small businesses have finally been recognised by the Federal Government as worthy of reform.

For years big businesses have been able to take advantage of laws that have stifled fair competition and the reform measures that are now being proposed by the Federal Government will help to establish a level playing field. The changes to competition laws will see the introduction of the “effects test” which were proposed by Professor Harper in an intensive review of Australian Competition Laws.

Jos de Bruin from Master Grocers Australia said that “The successful passage of the “effects test” through the Lower House is a major step forward for thousands of small businesses that have been subject to the power of big businesses for too long. Many larger businesses have been able to use their market power to engage in anti-competitive policies and practices.” He continued, “The amendment to Section 46 of the Competition and Consumer Act will provide stronger laws that will deter anti-competitive conduct and provide sustainability for small businesses”.

Mr. de Bruin continued, “We hope that after the passage of this Bill though the Lower House, the next stage through the Senate will be a smooth one. We know there will be some hurdles to overcome but we hope that a majority of Senators will recognise that the proposed changes will result in efficiency, innovation and healthy competition, enabling all Australians to benefit from the reforms”

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23rd February 2017